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My XJ Tips

Here are 10 quick tips....I will put more on when I get time.

  1. Be prepared to bleed and have soap for your hands that doesn't burn where there are cuts.

  2. Don't support the Jeep's frame on the hollow part of a concrete block

  3. Have at least twice as much time set aside as it should take to do something because there is going to be something that will not go right.

  4. Use a fuse on all fog lights

  5. Buy the road hazard warranty on any tires you ever buy

  6. Have a friend who has done what you are doing so you can ask for their help

  7. Don't worry about aiming your headlights and foglights so that they don't blind people...if they are aimed wrong people will let you know soon after turning them on and then if you realize there is a problem reaim them lower.

  8. Velcro strips will keep the sub box from sliding around.

  9. Always have tow straps, Come-a-long, and jumper cables in your jeep

  10. A come-a-long is a good way to make a leaf spring do what you want it to do