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My XJ Pics

sorry there are not any pictures of my jeep on the trails or mud pit but nobody ever wants to get out and take any when we are out.

My senior picture of my on top of my XJ.
After I put my lift on i was playing with the jack to see how much articulation I could get out of it. The jack would not go any higher.
same thing as the picture above but from the side. Its a bad picture because the camera was moving but I still think it is pretty cool because you can see over the tire and see the grass on teh other side.
This is the power cap and 600W amp that powers my subs. That is 8ga wire that I have running my amps.
My Jeep before I got anything done to it...
Another pic of my Jeep before I did anything to it.
My 2 15" Eclipse subs in the back of my Jeep.