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On January 7, 2001 My XJ was stolen and taken for a joy ride on the way to a chop shop on an indian reservation. A 3/4 ton pick-up was leading the joy ride...when the pickup got stuck on a rock my XJ was used to try to ram it off. When the XJ slid under the 3/4ton it died, EVERYTHING inside the jeep was stolen and all of the windows were broken out and it was left there...dead. Since then I have bought a 1973 CJ5 with 45k factory miles...its a CHERRY. I dont know if I am going to keep it or not...Check back for a link to the new page I make for the new jeep.

I GOT A NEW JEEP!!!! (click here)

Tips Tips on how to put on parts and accessories and just general things I wish I knew before I started working on my XJ
Send me an Instant Message If im online, click there to chat with me
Where to get the stuff Where I got everything on my XJ and how much it cost.
Links Good places to visit on the internet to find out more abotu XJs and parts.
Pictures Pictures of my XJ and my friends trucks.
HowToDoIt Right now I have pics and info on hooking up lights and wiring them.
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